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1: Is the pH normal, acidotic or alkalotic?
2: Are the pCO2 or HCO3 abnormal? Which one appears to influence the pH?
- høj pCO2 og/eller lav HCO3 giver acidose
- lav pCO2 og/eller høj HCO3 giver alkalose
- - pCO2 Respiratorisk
- - HCO3 Metabolisk (renalt)
3: If both the pCO2 and HCO3 are abnormal, the one which deviates most from the norm is most likely causing an abnormal pH.
- Kompenseret. Benyt pH 7,40 som ref. og vurdér acidose/alkalose ud fra denne.
4: Check the pO2. Is the patient hypoxic?

Respiratorisk acidose
Respiratorisk alkalose
Metabolisk acidose
Metabolisk aklalose